Broche in opdracht

Commissioned brooch

Working on commission always produces surprises. During the first appointment with the customer, she showed several bags and boxes full of silver. Whether it could be made into a new brooch. Containing two motifs referring to the customer's family name. A peacock and an anchor.

Incorporating these two elements into a design was a challenge. My designs are generally abstract, so I didn't want to make too direct a reference. I first examined both forms separately and then looked at how they could be combined in a design. I developed three of approximately 25 designs and presented them to the customer during a coffee appointment. Together we chose a design with a small adjustment to the hairs of the feather.

After the design process, the making process starts. The challenge with the brooch was to keep it light and easy to wear. The customer likes to wear jackets, but I wanted the brooch to be able to be worn on a lighter fabric and tried the brooch on a linen shirt. After a successful test I made the final brooch. I adjusted the packaging so that the brooch can also be beautifully presented when the customer is not wearing it.

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