Edelstenen als startpunt voor het sieraad

Gemstones as a starting point for designing

A new piece of jewelry can also start with the gemstones. I bought a moss green heliodor and a fresh aquamarine. The combination of stones immediately reminded me of the work of painter Leo Gestel (1881 Woerden - 1941 Hilversum), especially his earlier work.

Leo Gestel was innovative and worked successively in different styles, but also developed a luminist style, which he used for painting landscapes around Woerden. In his work, whether luminist or expressionist, the painting touch is clearly present. Much of his work, including the series he painted in Mallorca, is composed of round, semi-circular and polygonal shapes. (painting Leo Gestel | Day and lamplight study | winter 1908-1909 collection Kröller-Müller museum) (painting Leo Gestel | Olive grove Mallorca | 1914 collection Kröller-Müller museum)

I wanted to incorporate both these clear shapes and the painter's touch into my design. In addition to color, the two gemstones also have the recognizable oval and square shape. I wanted to add the round shape to that. By rounding up a silver circle I made a semi-circular shape. The painting touch is processed by working the surface with a texture hammer.

My ambition is to make jewelry that becomes part of your identity. Jewelry that you wear with you for years. That is why I ensure that the jewelry fits well on the body and is lightweight. This slightly larger design is wearable because the back of the earrings are hollow. A sturdy pin and a large size pousette ensure that the earring stays securely in place all day long.

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