Studio Bernadine Ypma

Jewelery has been my main interest from an early age. My art studies started in 1999 at the art academy in Maastricht and the University of Amsterdam. I worked in galleries and museums with Dutch Design and jewelry collections. In 2022 I founded Studio Bernadine Ypma as a result of my love for making silver and gold jewelry by hand and discovering new designs and techniques.


As an art historian turned goldsmith, I am inspired by my favorite art and architectural movements from the (recent) past. I like concrete and steel. Raw and powerfull. When I walk through cities I am fascinated by how the architecture surrounds me. I want to be able to capture that feeling, the imposing, creative and tough, and keep it with me. I do this by building up jewelery with silver, gold and precious stones. Architecture that you can wear.

Wearable design

I always make my designs only once or in a small edition, so you wear something unique. It is my ambition to make jewelry that becomes part of your identity. Jewelry that you wear with you for years.

I like statement items that are tactile and pleasant to wear. I make sure that the jewelry fits perfectly on the body and is lightweight. Expertly crafted in 925 silver and 14k gold, the high-quality pieces will last for decades. In order to also be able to offer gold jewelery for a lower price, I have added some vermeil pieces to the collection.


Sustainability is important to me and I innovate to make the production process fully circular. Think of recycled silver and gold and replacing chemical substances with natural alternatives. The Studio is located in Hof van Cartesius, a circularly built breeding ground for sustainable creatives.