Jewelry care

Silver and gold jewelry

Jewelry in silver and 14k gold will last for decades. Small scratches can occur over time and give the jewelry character. If you want to polish the silver or 14 carat gold piece of jewelry, you can use the included pink cloth or use mild soap and a soft cloth.

Refresh service

The refresher service is free for jewelry purchased from our collection. You can bring your silver and 14k gold Studio Bernadine Ypma jewelry once a year for cleaning and polishing.* Small scratches will be removed and the piece is thoroughly cleaned. Your favorite jewelry will feel fresh and new. Don't hesitate to drop by the studio and bring your Studio Bernadine Ypma jewelry for a touch up.


Some pieces in the collection are vermeil. Vermeil is gold layered on sterling silver. Because the gold layer wears away over time, it will have to be replated periodically. This can be anywhere from 24 months and up depending on whether it's a ring compared to earrings (a ring will experience more friction).

Avoid contact with water, perspiration, perfumes, lotions or hair products. Clean your vermeil jewelry with a dry, soft cloth.

*This service does not apply to vermeil jewelry because it cannot be polished. Repair or resizing are not part of the free service.